Multiple concurrent versions of Python

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Wed Feb 22 10:55:25 UTC 2006

Le Mer 22 février 2006 11:05, Aurelien Bompard a écrit :


> The solution discussed with the Zope dev would be to ship python 2.3.5.
> There is a way to ship both versions, using the "alternatives" system
> (like
> sendmail and postfix). The symlink would be on /usr/bin/python
> and /usr/bin/python2.

Well, you know Fedora is python oriented but its stated aim is rapid tech
advancement. So if any Fedora effort is to be expended making zope/plone
work it should be aimed at accelerating the porting not creating yet
another reason to stall it

(Yes Debian does it another way. Have you noticed Debian lifecycles too ?)

And I understand this is not a comfortable position. But in IT confort
leads to sclerosis.


Nicolas Mailhot

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