Core rebuild in mock - BuildRequires - rpmdiffs normal ?

David Timms dtimms at
Mon Jun 5 12:06:02 UTC 2006

Arjan van de Ven wrote:
>> I did read that one of the points of rpm packaging was to have 
>> repeatable package builds. While this doesn't seem to fit this scenario, 
>> perhaps it is normal when re-compiling an i386 package on an AMD Athlon 
>> with possibly updated libraries / compilers etc (from mock devel as 
>> well) that the built binaries would change (eg, even if it was just text 
>> fields like:
>> # abcdtool
>> Built on blah machine on Fri blah) ?
> elfutils has a tool to compare two binaries and see if they're different
> for real; eg ignoring usual "elf noise" ;)
# eu-elfcmp ncopy mock/ncopy
eu-elfcmp: ncopy mock/ncopy differ: symbol table [4]

Can someone offer an interpretation of this ?


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