Problem solved! max. 350 Socket Problem

Dan Williams dcbw at
Thu Jun 8 11:53:30 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-06-08 at 12:56 +0200, Wiese, Hendrik wrote:
> Now we took netstat which told us that there is a process called
> mDNSresponder which uses port 5353 (odd portnumber, needed by our RTCP
> layer). So the while loop binds RTP socket successfully to 5352 but
> binding RTCP to 5353 fails because it is already in use. The while loop
> starts over and tries to bind the successfully bound RTP socket to port
> 5354. This bind() fails as mentioned above.

mDNSresponder is a daemon (which has been replaced with Avahi in FC5 and
above) that implements features of ZeroConf and multicast DNS.  Apple
popularized mDNS and ZeroConf (which they call Bonjour now and used to
call Rendezvous) through their iChat and iTunes applications, but it's
now built into stuff like printers, digital cameras, etc.  I believe
that 5353 is the standard port number for mdns:

>From /etc/services:
mdns            5353/tcp                        # Multicast DNS
mdns            5353/udp                        # Multicast DNS

So obviously if you're not using any of those features, you can just
uninstall the 'howl' package and any dependencies, and mDNSresponder wil
go away (as should the 'nifd' program).


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