xorg-x11-xkbdata, xkbdata, xkeyboard-config and you

Joerg Skottke jsk_priv at gmx.de
Wed Mar 1 14:47:14 UTC 2006

For my (german) keyboard the Alt Gr does not work anymore (no @ :( ) and 
a couple of shifted keys fail as well (e.g shift+7 = "/"). Reconfiguring 
the keyboard did not help. I will look through the bugs filed and write 
one later today, unless someone else volunteers who has more 
time/experience to file something qualified ;-)


Neal Becker wrote:
> Does this explain why kde control-center/Regional/keyboard layout now has no
> options?  And my 'swap control <-> capslock' no longer works?
> So, how exactly do I fix this?

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