Updated Qt4 spec [was: Qt 4 RPM and pkg-config problem]

Tarjei Knapstad tarjei.knapstad at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 13:22:48 UTC 2006

On 3/9/06, Tarjei Knapstad <tarjei.knapstad at gmail.com> wrote:
> > With the pkg-config bug though I'd say the package is slightly broken
> > as you can't use autotools to detect the library (well, I guess you
> > can, but pkg-config is much the preferred solution). No suggestions
> > for a fix?
> >
> I'm currently adding some sed stuff to the spec to go over all the .pc
> files and strip out the superfluous -L flag. I'll post an updated spec
> here later today, just need to check that it works as intended first.

Got caught up with something else, but here it is. I've added a
changelog entry describing what I've altered. There is one very minor
problem left concerning package removal in that the directory
$prefix/qt-4.1/plugins/sqldrivers is left behind, but other than that
it should be ok and ready for Extras submittal and review.

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