'Commercial Partners'

Andrew Haley aph12 at littlepinkcloud.com
Fri Mar 31 11:58:30 UTC 2006

sean writes:
 > On Fri, 31 Mar 2006 03:51:30 -0500
 > "Eric S. Raymond" <esr at thyrsus.com> wrote:
 > > > $THIS_THING is a moving target. 
 > > 
 > > Yes. it certainly is.  In a few years, once we solve this problem, I
 > > expect to be back here trying to kick certain people out of their
 > > dogmatic slumbers with respect to the *next* market-share blocker.
 > Don't see any evidence of dogmatic slumbering within Fedora.  Just
 > a realistic appraisal of what can be provided and what is appropriate
 > to provide under the very clear objectives of the project.   You seem
 > to think your goals should be those of the project, but have given
 > nothing more than a world domination pipe dream as a reason.
 > There's a worthwhile and valuable group being served well by Fedora.
 > Those that want or need proprietary solutions aren't stopped from 
 > getting them, they're a simple download the same as is required
 > on Windows in many cases.   
 > There is simply no need to start the Fedora core project down that 
 > slippery slope of providing or encouraging proprietary solutions.

You're precisely right.

Those who would give up Essential Freedom to purchase a little
Temporary Market Share, deserve neither Freedom nor Market Share.

(Couldn't resist!)


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