Multilib packages and common identical files issue

Rob Andrews rob at
Sun Oct 1 21:49:11 UTC 2006

On 28-Sep-2006 13:16.35 (BST), Matthias Saou wrote:
 > > rpm certainly should be leaving identical common files behind (and it does
 > > in most cases).  If not, then imo, it certainly is a bug.
 > But it seems like it doesn't... maybe only for "special" files tagged
 > as documentation or translations. Still, it looks like a bug. If no one
 > knows of an existing bug report about this problem, I'll file a new one.

I don't know if the problem exists with configuration files also, but I've
been bitten by this issue a number of times. To the best of my knowledge
there isn't a magic flag to rpm to prevent this behaviour. I run a weekly
"rpm -qaV 2>&1 | grep ^missing" as a cron job to find a list of files that
are missing in case of these situations having arisen.

Another situation where this causes issue is when (for whatever reason) yum
aborts before the cleanup stage. If you then "rpm -e {name}-{version}-{rel}",
the common files between both revisions are purged, so there is no way of
cleaning up from that aborted transaction.

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