is mgetty being maintained?

Don Russell fedora at
Sun Apr 8 03:44:19 UTC 2007

Don Russell wrote:
> I originally posted this on "fedora-list", but was nudged to here as a 
> more appropriate list for this issue: :-)
> mgetty on FC6 is at version 1.1.33-9 : 2005-04-10
> I opened a new bug against it (
> ) and in
> doing some research to find the source code discovered there have been
> two releases since then. Even the most recent is more than a yearold
> now, but still not available via yum update.
> 1.1.34 : 2005-11-30
> 1.1.35 : 2006-02-22
> Is mgetty still being maintained as a Fedora component? Is it deprecated
> and there is a replacement I should use instead?
> I was going to see if I can fix the problem, but for all I know it is
> already fixed in one of these newer releases.
> How do I request that mgetty be updated in FC6? I think the package
> maintainer has gone walk about so opening a new bugzilla report seems
> ineffective: Another bug (
> ), created
> 2006-11-30 has never even been replied to. :-(
> Which version will be in FC7? I can wait for FC7, that is only a month
> or two away now.
> Thank you.

I got the source code for 1.1.35 and based on reading the C code, 
verified the bug I found has not been fixed yet.

So, what I'd like to do is get the source for the older version as used 
by Fedora Core 6 and test a change... How/where can I get the source for 
the version in Fedora 6 without downloading the entire CD of source 
code? Is there a way I can just d/l the individual package and "make" it?

I would do this with version1.1.35, but the configuration of the 
Makefile is a little beyond me at this point. :-( I'm hoping I can get 
the current FC6 one and all that will be set up correctly... then it's 
just a matter of changing the code to fix the bug I found. THAT I can 
do. :-) Then I'll attach the diff file to my bugzilla report :-)

Thank you.

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