how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

Colin Walters walters at
Mon Dec 17 15:36:25 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 16:34 +0100, Patrice Dumas wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 10:24:04AM -0500, Colin Walters wrote:
> > 
> > The virtual consoles will still be around, but really should only be an
> > emergency fallback.  The right way to do this is to log in via gdm, and
> > select a session that gives you a fullscreen shell (with tabs, windows,
> > virtual desktops) etc.
> A display manager should not need to be installed. On servers, for
> example http servers you want an http server to be installed and that's 
> all. No X server, not even X libraries (if possible).

Yes, we're not talking about servers here.

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