qemu 0.9.0 in -devel

Matthias Saou thias at spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.spam.egg.and.spam.freshrpms.net
Tue Feb 6 18:25:20 UTC 2007

Matthias Saou wrote :

> > I've already closed UPSTREAM the RFE for kqemu, so don't bother hassling
> > me about it. I would rather roger myself with a chainsaw than muck
> > around with the abomination that is external kernel modules.
> Oh, kqemu has been GPL'ed! Neat :-)
> I'll try to make some dkms enabled packages of it.


Quickly tested, seems to work fine (x86_64). The only minor detail is
one that has already been discussed today on another list : The package
itself is "noarch", but it doesn't make sense on anything else than
i386 and x86_64...


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