Fedora 7 vs 6 installation - remove final next

David Timms dtimms at iinet.net.au
Thu Jan 11 11:33:38 UTC 2007

Jerry Williams wrote:
> I have been installing Fedora Core 6 on a few machines and I would like to
> suggest some changes.
> I should have been more involved with 6 and then maybe it would have been
> better.
> So I am trying to get involved with 7 in the hopes that it will happen.
> I think my biggest complaint about the 6 install is the time it takes to do
> the package dependency check and that you have to click okay to start the
> install.
> I would like to see maybe a check box to fix this.
> That says: continue with install if everything it okay.
> So you could check the box and walk away.

There was no real discussion at the time in saying wontfix. I still 
think that this is essential to nppo {not  iss people off}. If anybody 
really wants and has a need (anaconda developers?) to display such a 
check box, it would make sense to have a checkbox on the previous screen 
"wait after resolving package selections", which would be by default not 

The only reason I can think of to not immediately go ahead after package 
selection is if the package resolution was not solvable -> then you 
would show a screen informing our user of the fact.

Is there anyone can give a good reason for requiring the user to wait 
2-5-10 minutes for package resolution to complete, and then actually ask 
the user if they want to "next" what they have already said they want to 
do, namely install fedora ??

{The final screen could be a more informative status of the install 
screen. eg a progress bar and checkbox list, with each step of the way 
being checked when complete, with a decent estimate of time min:sec 
until ready to use.}


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