bluetooth 2.0 is extremely slow

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Thu Apr 10 02:53:38 UTC 2008

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Subject: Re:bluetooth 2.0 is extremely slow
From: Mike Cronenworth <mike at>
To: Bastien Nocera <bnocera at>
Date: 04/05/2008 12:50 AM
> I punched myself into loading Windows XP (latest updates, latest 
> drivers) and the same file (or any 1 meg file) transfers in *10 
> seconds*. A factor of four on speed improvement. There's nothing wrong 
> with the firmware.
>>> I saw someone fixed this by forcing larger MTUs.
>>> <>
>>> Before modifying the OpenOBEX sources, I posted a message on their
>>> board, but I haven't heard anything yet. Does anyone have any experience
>>> with this?
>> OpenObex upstream is pretty much dead(-ish). Let's call it maintenance
>> mode.
>>> I have tried the fedora-list without an answer. Also, the OpenOBEX 
>>> developers are silent on this. Is this because no one has a 2.0 adapter 
>>> and 2.0 device?
>> Probably not, one of the upstream for OpenObex is Marcel Holtmann, and
>> he certainly has more Bluetooth 2.0 devices than you or I.
>> Test the patch, tell us if it works, and mail the bluez-users list about
>> it. There's also ACL and SCO MTUs to take in consideration, and I would
>> guess the bug is more likely to be there (in the kernel, in the firmware
>> of your dongle, or the firmware of your phone) than solely in OpenObex.
> I will try messing with OpenOBEX and report back. If no one else 
> ventures into this... it might be a while. I don't have a lot of time 
> to give to this.
>> Cheers

I applied the attached patch. I'm putting this up for review, and any 
suggestions (should this be posted somewhere else, etc.). My transfer 
time went from 40 seconds to 10 seconds. It now matches Windows XP 
performance. Just add it to the RPM spec like the existing patches.

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