Need help making syslog-ng, rsyslog, and sysklogd not conflict

Jarod Wilson jwilson at
Wed Aug 13 01:41:15 UTC 2008

Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
>>>>>> "DEW" == Douglas E Warner <silfreed at> writes:
> DEW> Not possible since Red Hat controls sysklogd in RHEL.
> And here I was thinking I was posting to fedora-devel-list.
> Could we discuss technical solutions and ignore Red Hat politics?
> What I proposed is a standard method of dealing with these things.  We
> have modified several packages in the same manner (mainly to make use
> of -filesystem packages), and those packages are also in RHEL.  It
> hasn't been an issue.

I was just about to suggest a common log rotation scripts package that all 
syslog progs used as well. And yeah, don't worry what RHEL does right now.

Jarod Wilson
jwilson at

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