bodhi template changed?

Luke Macken lmacken at
Sun Aug 24 16:10:57 UTC 2008

On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 09:44:38AM +0100, Tim Jackson wrote:
> The bodhi template for use from cvs checkouts seems to have changed  
> recently and bodhi-client-0.4.10-4.fc9 doesn't like it: if I try to 
> submit an update (via "make update") and set the "type" to "enhancement" 
> (which is defined in the template) then I get the fairly cryptic error:
> Reading from bodhi.template
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/bin/bodhi", line 316, in <module>
>     bodhi.parse_file(opts)
>   File "/usr/bin/bodhi", line 213, in parse_file
>     opts.type = types[para.upper()]
> I assume by this that "enhancement" is not a valid value?
> (NB either way, bodhi ought to give a clearer error)

Yes... I had hoped to push out a new bodhi-client into updates before
doing the upgrade, since a lot of the API has changed.  Due to all of
the fun we had in the past week, I was unable to do so.  Please try the
latest bodhi-client package from koji (you may need to install
bodhi-server as well to get the egg-info at the moment):

    koji download-build bodhi-0.5.1-1.fc9


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