New tcl-8.5 and 8Kingdoms

Wart wart at
Fri Jan 4 16:12:51 UTC 2008

Michael Thomas wrote:
> Hans de Goede wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I just tried building 8Kingdoms with the new tcl in rawhide, it builds
>> fine, but it does not work.
>> Any of the actions (moving a unit for example) which normally invoke a
>> tcl script underneath now no longer work.
>> I'm quite good in fixing C bugs but this problem lies either in the
>> interfacing with tcl or in the tcl code itself and I'm helpless there.
>> So I hope that someone can try running 8Kingdoms with tcl 8.5, and write
>> a fix.
>> Note I've also send a request upstream asking for help, I'll report back
>> here as soon as I get response.
>> If I don't have it fixed by F-9 then I will have to remove 8Kingdoms
>> from Fedora's repositories (better then shipping a broken version).
> Did you have to make any changes to 8Kingdoms to get it to build with
> Tcl 8.5?  If so please pass along any patches.  I'll try building and
> running it myself to see if I can track down the problem.

I got it built and installed, but X on my Rawhide box is busted at the
moment.  I'll take another look once it's working again.


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