How to remove this warning

nayan kumar nayankumarp at
Tue Jan 8 05:33:52 UTC 2008

Hi All,         I am trying to make stack for my learning in which i made a bus driver and device driver when i am trying to create device sysfs file after registering it with the bus i am getting oops after some digging i found that the compiler is reporting warning for using preprocessor macro called DEV_ATT. code is as follows. can anybody help me to remove this warning. static ssize_t show_host_device_version(struct device *ddev, char *buf){    struct HOST *dev = ddev->driver_data;    return print_dev_t(buf, dev->;}static DEVICE_ATTR(host_device_version,S_IRUGO,show_host_device_version,NULL); device_create_file(&dev->, &dev_attr_host_device_version);  Regards
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