autoconf issue using -stdc=gnu++0x option in AC_CHECK_HEADER macro.

Jochen Schmitt Jochen at
Thu Jan 10 17:47:18 UTC 2008

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Kevin Kofler schrieb:
> Add it to the CXXFLAGS, you'll need it there anyway when actually
> building the program. I believe there's also a macro to check the
> existence of the flag, which will add it to the CXXFLAGS
> automatically if the test succeeds.
That was the first thing what I have tried to do after I have
recognized this issue, but autoconf
doesn't honor this settings when AC_CHECK_HEADER call the g++ compiler for
compiling the test program.

For you suggestion to using cmake, I'm not the upstream author.

As follow a snippet from the config.log file:

configure:9397: checking unordered_set usability
configure:9414: g++ -c -O2 -Wall  conftest.cpp >&5
In file included from
                 from conftest.cpp:107:
error: #error This file requires compiler and library support for the
upcoming ISO C++ standard, C++0x. This support is currently
experimental, and must be enabled with the -std=c++0x or -std=gnu++0x
compiler options.
In file included from
                 from conftest.cpp:107:

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