F8 to rawhide upgrade

darrell pfeifer darrellpf at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 20:06:41 UTC 2008

Yesterday I did a fresh install of F8 on a new machine. Then I attempted to
upgrade it to rawhide.

I generally update by hand, doing about 4 chunks of packages to do the
upgrade. I usually start by upgrading rpm and yum.

In current rawhide, yum (or yum utils) has a dependency on a particular
python module, but it the python chunk isn't pulled in by the yum upgrade.
After upgrading yum, yum won't run any more.

I downgraded the yum packages, did the upgrade, this time with rpm and yum
going last. I was too grouchy to record the exact message.

So, the short moral, if doing an F8 to rawhide upgrade, leave rpm/yum for
the last.

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