Help wanted with Samba4 and OpenChange

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at
Thu Jul 3 00:54:52 UTC 2008

On Monday, June 30, 2008 7:01 pm Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I've recently been working on packaging Heimdal, Samba4 and OpenChange
> for Fedora.
> (heimdal)
> (Samba4)
> (libmapi -
> OpenChange)
> This will enable much better access to Microsoft Exchange servers from
> clients such as kdepim, and hopefully Evolution (pending a
> re-licensing).
> I've got a feature page for this here:
> Now, the reason I'm posting here is that I would rather not do this
> alone, and would love some co-maintainers of the packagers above, or at
> least some help with the review and sponsorship, or advise on the best
> way forward.
> Any assistance gratefully received,

Just pulled down the packages (including the alpha5 samba4 package) and 
started building.  I haven't got to the kde libraries yet (that build will 
probably take awhile) but on the packages above, I found the following:

  - openssl-devel depends on krb5-devel, but heimdal-devel conflicts with
    krb5-devel; should it provide it or do we need a virtual provides for
  - heimdal seemed to be missing a file directive for the dir.gz info file
  - everything seems fine here so far...
  - didn't list the popt requirement, so initially I built without it and the
    packaging failed due to missing binaries (which required popt-devel)
  - libmapi-devel should depend on libmapi-0.7... rather than

I've attached my spec file diffs in case you want to see (though now I see 
you've already fixed the libmapi-libs problem I saw)...

Thanks for packaging this stuff, I really hope the MAPI Akonadi code works; 
I'd *love* to ditch Outlook (it's the next best thing to escaping the 
Exchange ghetto).


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