gtk-sharp2 dependencies

Nigel Jones dev at
Mon Jul 14 10:14:04 UTC 2008

Alex Lancaster wrote:
>>>>>> "PM" == Panu Matilainen  writes:
> PM> On Mon, 14 Jul 2008, Nigel Jones wrote:
>>> Just an FYI before the Rawhide Report arrives,
>>> Yes gtk-sharp2 was bumped to 2.12.1 (at my request), yes it has
>>> broken the dependencies BUT:
>>> The reason this time is that rpm forgot to calculate the mono
>>> dependencies (something that can be expected with any major bump),
>>> with the old version of RPM the same Provides for 2.12.0-2 and
>>> 2.12.1-1 were calculated, so there isn't a need for a mass rebuild,
>>> just one of gtk-sharp2.
>>> So I think it's just a case of been patient while the mono provides
>>> bug is sorted and then be on our way.
> PM> Yup, there was a string mismatch between current libmagic string
> PM> and what rpmbuild expected (from ancient file-4.14). Fixed in
> PM> rpm-4.5.90-0.git8426.7 which just finished building.
> Thanks!  To speed things up, I'm rebuilding gtk-sharp2 against the new
> rpm that has just been built.  
Heh, I hit a commit conflict with you when you did the rebuild (oops).

- Nigel
> Unfortunately this will take until the next rawhide for the spurious
> broken deps to go away.  But at least it should allow f-spot to be
> (finally!) rebuilt by Nigel.
> Alex

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