No answer to easy bug policy

Nigel Jones dev at
Mon Jul 14 14:29:40 UTC 2008

Adam Jackson wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-07-12 at 02:04 +0200, Patrice Dumas wrote:
>> Hello,
>> With Rahul, we prepared a new pollicy which aim is to force maintainers
>> to answer to easy fix bugs or orphan packages if they fail to do so in a
>> one month delay. It may look a bit rude, but hopefully it will help
>> spreading co-maintainership and quicker bugfixes. It is at
>> In my opinion it should be added to the non responsive policy at
>> I paste it here. Please comment. It should be proposed to FESCo after
>> discussion here.
> The problem with this policy is it assumes people read bug mail.  If I
> read all my bug mail every day, I would get absolutely nothing else
> accomplished.
Exactly, heck I don't own that many packages, but when I wake up in the 
morning, there is a combination of 100-200 emails at times, composing of 
mostly bugmail, mailing lists that I feel are too important to filter, 
or I have forgotten to filter, and spam, I skim through it all, see 
nothing important (i.e. nothing that looks interesting, or from the 
redhat bugzilla) continue with my plans for the day and login to 
bugzilla get to the 'frontpage.cgi' (which imo is damn useful) and go 
"what the, when was THAT bug reported" and notice that it was slipped in 
the middle of a batch of gnome bugs.

So please give maintainers a break from fearing of missing an 'easy 
bug', we make mistakes (honest), we miss things, we forget to tell 
people that the reason why the bug isn't fixed is because we are working 
on getting brand new version y packaged that'd fix it better than a one 
line patch, heck, we are humans!

- Nigel
> So, just to head this off ahead of time:  Every package owned by
> xgl-maint that I know of has cvsextras+ set.  If there's a trivial bug
> in one of these packages, please, by all means, fix it.  If you find an
> X package where this is not the case, please let me know.
> I'll even go one step further.  If you're sufficiently interested in X
> and/or Mesa and _want_ to sign up for the xgl-maint mail deluge, please
> let me know!  I'd totally love you forever.
> - ajax

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