FeaturePresto won't make beta freeze

dexter dex.mbox at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 4 15:23:25 UTC 2008

On Mon March 3 2008 15:12:21 Jonathan Dieter wrote:
> This is just a heads up to those that are interested that it doesn't
> look like we'll be able to get FeaturePresto done in time for Beta
> freeze.  We haven't moved forward a whole lot from where we were six
> months ago when we realized that we were going to miss the F8 Beta
> freeze.  To quickly recap what's done...
>  * the yum-presto plugin works completely fine and has had no reported
>    fatal (i.e. yum breaks) bugs in the last six months or so.
>  * The test server has been generating deltarpms for F7 (i386, x86_64)
>    and F8 (i386) for the last eight or nine months.  The only problems
>    we've hit here have been when the master mirror has had problems.
>    Approximately 200 people are using yum-presto with F8 and have set
>    their baseurl to the test server.
> ...and what's not:
>  * Build-system integration.  I'll be blunt.  I just can't do it.  It's
>    not so much programming ability (though I'm definitely not at the
>    buildsys guys' levels), but that I don't have the resources (time,
>    ability to test on working buildsystem, etc).
> So I'm going to step back from FeaturePresto.  Build-system integration
> of presto will require someone who more familiar with the system.
> Before Beta freeze, I'll push presto-utils-0.5, which will contain a
> daemon that will take xml-rpc input calls to generate deltarpms, and I'm
> also going to try to push yum-presto-0.5.  I will continue to maintain
> the test server as long as my school will pay for it.
> I want to thank Jeremy, Warren, Luke and Mike for the time they've spent
> helping me with all this.  If there was ever a case of pearls before
> swine, this was probably it.
> Jonathan

Well its a real sad state of affairs that the fedora decision makers can't see 
the value in reducing everyones network footprint by default. I guess its 
just not sexy enuff.



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