submitting ideas to Fedora

Mark markg85 at
Tue Mar 4 20:14:33 UTC 2008

Now why would fedora want a 'brainstorm' site?
We have Ubuntu and openSUSE that did it and i think that's enough. I
think it's better for fedora to look at those lists and look at what
issues are there and base the features for the next fedora on those
lists. We don't need another list because nearly all issues that i saw
(on brainstorm) are things that need to get fixed upstream anyway so
including a fix for it in Fedora would just be extra work. Better help
upstream to include it and your done for all distributions that use

I like the idea of a brainstorm site for fedora and would have gladly
helped with it IF ubuntu and openSUSE didn't had one. now it just
seems like repeating the issues on all dist lists.

The issues that i personally would like to see implemented would be:

XrandR GUI
(absolute must have!!)
and the ability to see image previews in a file dialog.

Those are just the 2 that i noticed at first sight and will really be helpfull.

And one that i didn't noticed yet.
Beagle got implanted in Fedora 5 and got killed in the Fedora 6 (or
7?) development cycle and was a mistake in the first place to include.
It was just to new and untested. Now (few years later) it might be
time to include a indexer like that again. Not beagle but Tracker:

It has:
- the looks
- nautilus intergration
- nice understandable interface
- cool features
- low memory footprint
- supports enough data sources

It looks like the perfect indexer to me.
So why not give that one a thought?
Would probably to late to include it for F9 the official way but just
running yum -y install tracker will do fine as well ^_^

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