do you use desktop metasearch ?

David Nielsen gnomeuser at
Wed Mar 5 15:55:42 UTC 2008

2008/3/5, Valent Turkovic <valent.turkovic at>:
> Do you use desktop metasearch on your Fedora desktop? And if you do
> which? I used beagle, but don't use it recently... I have found out
> about pinot [1] and it looks great but I haven't actually used it more
> than 10 minutes.
> Do you use some other tool? Why? What benefit do you get from using
> the tool of your desktop search?

As the current Beagle maintainer.. well you guess.

In terms of what I get in of benefits aside fast accurate search results
(which I mostly use for searching tons of email and IM logs), the promise of
eventually using the indexer to manage my Banshee library is a major sales
point to me. Right now metadata search is honestly not as useful as it could
be, Xesam will change that I hope. That's largely also the problem with
indexing metadata right now, it's not really integrated anywhere so it's a
hard sale. KDE4 has metadata search built in rather tight thanks to Stringi
so the tide might be turning in terms of starting to rely on this kind of
technology being present.

There are interesting concepts like Nemo which are worth playing with to see
the indexer technology be used to build advanced metadata interaction.

- David
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