upstart creates livecd install issues and is installed by default

Casey Dahlin cjdahlin at
Wed Mar 5 22:11:54 UTC 2008

Orion Poplawski wrote:
> Just tried to do a livecd install and got:
> Error creating Live CD : Unable to install: [('file /sbin/halt 
> conflicts between attempted installs of sysvinit-2.86-22.i386 and 
> upstart-0.3.9-9.fc9.i386', (6, '/sbin/halt', 0L)),
> ......
> Looks like redhat-lsb requires things like /sbin/shutdown which are 
> provided by both sysvinit and upstart.  Since upstart is "shorter" I 
> believe it wins these.
> Not sure how yum should be told that sysvinit is the preferred package 
> to satisfy these dependencies.
> (Or perhaps the problem is something completely different, I'm no 
> expert here).
> My anaconda install didn't complain, but installed upstart by default 
> instead of sysvinit - not sure that this is expected.
Sysvinit is now split into two packages; one is still called sysvinit, 
one is called sysvinit-tools. Things depending on shutdown and the like 
need only the latter package.


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