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Andrew Farris lordmorgul at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 11:17:25 UTC 2008

Anders Karlsson wrote:
> * Debarshi Ray <debarshi.ray at gmail.com> [20080310 10:24]:
>>> Then why are you installing them?  If this kernel was known to break things,
>>>  then when it hits updates don't install it... not rocket science.
>> How many end-users knew this? Was this announced publicly where
>> end-users, not developers or testers, could notice this?
> It is a delicate balance, weighing up stability versus always having
> the latest packages. To be honest, I thought Fedora would be a middle
> ground between the "extremes" of CentOS (stable, should not break) and
> something like Gentoo or Rawhide (half your system never works
> correctly because you're always running the development version or the
> latest Alpha of everything).
> This kernel update seems to be due to a foot planted deeply into the
> "new version at all costs" territory, damn stability and damn what
> users may think. I've rolled back to previous kernel.
> I believe occurances like this dents peoples belief in Fedora as a
> viable alternative. A *release* is not quite suitable for development
> experimentation, that's what Rawhide is for, and no amount of excuses
> and "it's not rocket surgery" comments will ever change that.
> If Fedora has the principle of "we don't care what users think, we'll
> break their systems whenever we like because we care more about
> having a higher version number on something than some other
> distribution, than doing some proper QA" - perhaps that should be
> clearly stated so that end users have a chance of avoiding Fedora
> completely.
> If I wanted to run Rawhide, I would select it conciously. Pushing
> known broken packages as updates in a *release* is showing real
> contempt for your userbase.

Again.. as has been stated previously by people with authority around here 
(which I am not)... testers did not provide proper feedback on this kernel, via 
the tooling in place for it [1].  Proper QA is not the responsibility of someone 
else.  It is the responsibility of the community.  People's lack of 
participation in how the system works are their own failure in this case.

Fedora devs have *countless* times proven they care what the users think about 
this type of situation, but users who only share what they think after shit 
breaks are useless to everyone.

[1] http://bodhi.fedoraproject.org
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