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Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Thu Mar 27 06:27:36 UTC 2008

Andrew Farris <lordmorgul <at>> writes:
> No.  Apple has offered options, one of which maintains the prior behavior of 
> Apple OS 6.x to 9 (spatial browsing)

But that's what it is: backwards compatibility, not the default anymore.

> I have the theory they decided not to make spatial browsing the default
> because they wanted to make sure everyone learns multi-pane tree structure
> browsing... one of their innovations in UI (i.e. look how cool this is).

Because that system actually makes sense, which is why Dolphin in KDE 4 
supports this.

Dolphin also makes it easy to switch between Icons (browser mode with icons and 
thumbnails), Details (browser mode with a list view showing file dates and 
attributes) and Columns (what you call "multi-pane tree structure") modes 
through a single click in the toolbar. In KDE 4.1, the traditional tree view 
will also be available.

> But if they are going to claim the change is going backwards I'd like to see
> more than personal preference in the rhetoric.

The reason we claim spatial mode is a step backwards is that both M$ and Apple 
have used something very similar in the past and both moved away from it.

That said, I personally don't really care about what Nautilus defaults to, I 
use KDE anyway. ;-)

        Kevin Kofler

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