few ideas how to make fedora better as a desktop

Shawn Starr sstarr at platform.com
Thu Mar 27 17:30:55 UTC 2008

I'm not advocating anything that would break things. But I believe the LSB is failing because its not keeping up with Linux's rapid changes. So, while I think the LSB is a nice idea, It's more marketing to me than anything.

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2008/3/27 Jesse Keating < jkeating at redhat.com>:

We're not necessarily talking about breaking LSB compliance.  

I'm not sure that shawn here is saying that.  So I wanted shawn's clarification as to shawn's thoughts on the matter of the importance of lsb compliance in shawn's vision of what shawn would think is optimal progress. Though if you want to speak for him, let me know, and I'll set the filters accordingly to just rename all his post so that they look like they are coming from you.  We are in fact beholden to the FHS structure to some extent..even if we symlink or hardlink directories or files so they actually live somewhere else.  Unless we are prepared to drop LSB compliance we have to pay lipservice to the FHS.


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