Call for savior - ikvm

David Nielsen gnomeuser at
Mon May 12 08:45:03 UTC 2008

2008/5/12 Paul F. Johnson <paul at>:

> Hi,
> > It also seems, but is not clear to me again, that the current
> > upstream tarball is in violation of
> >
> > as well.
> I've tried, on many occassions to get ikvm to build using gcj et al, but
> it
> always fails. I have some time today and will try again. If it works, I'll
> get
> it into rawhide ASAP.
> Over the upstream violations, we've seen this happen with monodevelop and
> a
> few other packages within the mono framework and it's not really a show
> stopper as they can be usually removed.

Have you filed a bug with upstream on the issue, normally they are
responsive to such issues when they understand the implications.

- David
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