Getting ikvm back into rawhide correctly

Paul paul at
Mon May 12 09:47:23 UTC 2008


> > The showstopper is that the build script requires javac. I can fix that
> > if I knew what the java byte compiler that is shipped with Fedora is. I
> > know we have gcj and the open sourced java compiler, but I'm not sure if
> > they ship with javac (or an implementation thereof).
> If you don't care which javac is used, and if I remember well, you can
> have 
> BuildRequires: java-devel
> The java packages use the alternative system to provide both javac and
> other commands.

Given the workaround is not to build the classpath stuff, just have it
as Requires, the need for javac goes!

Now to work out what goes where!


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