Summary of the 2008-04-08 Packaging Committee meeting

Tom "spot" Callaway tcallawa at
Mon May 12 17:03:18 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-05-07 at 14:29 -0400, Deepak Bhole wrote:

> A page detailing the reasons for keeping the exception is now up on the
> wiki:

Deepak, thanks for writing that up. Seth Vidal has helped me come up
with a technical solution that should meet the requirements described in
your document.

This is a very simple yum plugin that enables the user to exclude by RPM
Group tag. Since the RPM Group tag is not standardized in any way in
Fedora packages (aside from the fact that it must be present), it should
be possible for all JPackage RPMs in Fedora to have a unique string in
the Group field (it could be JPackage, Java, jpp, Java/JPackage or

To address your reasons:

 * This plugin enables the grouping operations to exclude JPackage RPMs
in Fedora
 * This enables JPackage to use Fedora as their development OS
 * This enables people wishing to deploy an entire JPackage stack
 * By identifying JPackage in the Group field, it gives credit to the
JPackage origin of these packages.
 * Without *jpp* in Fedora Release tags, it becomes very obvious whether
a package came from 
    Fedora repositories or JPackage repositories.

Hopefully, you will agree that this plugin obsoletes the need for the
JPackage naming exception in Fedora. I look forward to your feedback.



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