Summary of the 2008-04-08 Packaging Committee meeting

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Mon May 12 22:49:47 UTC 2008

Le lundi 12 mai 2008 à 15:48 -0400, Tom "spot" Callaway a écrit :

> * I'm not mandating that JPackage change anything. This is specifically
> targeted on handling the Fedora packages which are derived from JPackage
> packages.

That's not realistic, if you want your matching to work you need the
tagging implemented both sides. The Fedora side is the easy one. Fedora
has still not merged the bulk of the JPackage repository.

> * We don't permit repotags in Release normally, because adding "noise"
> characters into that field significantly complicates RPM package
> ordering. They never should have been there in the first place, and
> we're trying to work a solution for this.

That still awfully nebulous for the kind of effort you're requesting and
besides the first people impacted by ordering problems (the packagers of
the aforementioned packages) didn't report any particular problem nor
did they request a fix. I'm not saying it should not be fixed eventually
but there is a huge disproportion between the trumpeted criticity of
this problem, its actual impacts and the work you're forcing on other

> * I'm willing to maintain this plugin as a long-term technical solution.
> * I'm willing to rebuild all of the affected Fedora packages to resolve
> this situation.
> The approved JPackage naming exception says that when a technical
> solution is found to make .jpp tagging obsolete for the purposes of
> grouping excludes, the exception will vanish. I think we've done that,
> insults and flames aside.

It looks like it's going to be done, not for correctness but only
because of this lobbying. You're strong-harming everyone for no good
reason I see.

Nicolas Mailhot
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