Xorg 1.5 missed the train?

Alan alan at clueserver.org
Tue May 20 22:28:07 UTC 2008

> Les Mikesell wrote:
>> After all, it increases the apparent value of the stable RHEL to
>> contrast it with fedora pushing things out before a stable version
>> release that other vendors can support.
> It doesn't since people can easily move to free rebuilds of RHEL. The
> value of RHEL is in support subscriptions. The robustness of Fedora does
> not dither that value at all.

Besides... Someone has to push these things out first.  If no one pushed
out new versions before the release date, they would not get much in the
way of testing.  Getting xorg 1.5 into the F9 betas gave it more testing
than if it was just confined to the people who compile their version of X
from the source code repository.  Yes it causes pain for some users, but
it makes for a much more stable version for the rest of us once the
initial bugs get worked out.

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