The problems upgraded to fedora 9

孙宗君 szj087 at
Sat May 24 02:08:04 UTC 2008

To be frankly, Fedora 9 is great distribution, but there is nothing
perfect in the world with no exception of Fedora :)

sipx project can be compiled successfully on Fedora 8, my another
program is compiled successfully on fedora 8 also

But after I upgraded my pc to fedora 9, all the things changed.

My program failed to compile on fedora 9 with the complaints of some
functions like memset, strcpy not found.

Sipx projects has the same problem, which can find strncpy, strcmp,
and so on. The worst is that it always report the following errors

[all-recursive] errors or [check-recursive] errors

I was confused by these strange errors.

Does fedora 9 change its include path and contents.of tools chains?

Can anyone give me some hints?

Thanks very much for your kindly help


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