Remove a branch directory completely from cvs

Tim Niemueller tim at
Tue Oct 7 15:49:49 UTC 2008

Till Maas schrieb:
> Hiyas,
> according to the UsingCvsFaq[1] one can remove a branch directory from cvs 
> with "cvs remove". I tried this, but it seems not to work. I removed 
> the "FC-1" directory from pam_mount, but when I cvs co'ed the pam_mount 
> directory again, an empty "FC-1" directory appeared. Is there some parameter 
> I can pass to "cvs remove" to get the directory removed, too?

That is a general problem with CVS, it cannot completely remove empty
directories, as they are needed in the repository to hold the version
information for the deleted files in the directory.

You can however prevent your checkout from creating these directories by
using "cvs checkout -P", where "-P" stands for "Prune empty directories".


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