Upgrading to F10 was a bad experience

Ahmed Kamal email.ahmedkamal at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 7 18:44:46 UTC 2008

I just upgraded a perfectly fine F9 installation into F10-beta. And
the experience was not too good! Please find issues below

1- Right after anaconda starts, I switched back to tty1, and noticed
the following somehow scary messages "DB4 error database envrionment
version mismatch" "Cannot open packages database"! Please find a
screensot attached "rpmdb-ver-mismatch.jpg"

2- Anaconda does not start in the correct wide screen resolution
1280x800. Nothing major, but still looks bad

3- At the end of the upgrade, the tiny message window before the
reboot button appears kept flickering very heavily for 5 minutes+. I
took a video snapshot if anyone is interested!

4- After the first restart, noticed so many file system and sendmail
notes of "File modification time in the future .. fixing" ?!

5- Then a major bumper, X startx, the mouse is there with the circles
running around it, however GDM does not appear ... I wait and wait ...
nothing. I log into text mode, and find this message
"Oct  7 19:48:01 kamal-lappy gdm-simple-slave[3100]: WARNING: Could
not spawn command: Failed to execute child process
"/usr/bin/gnome-session" (No such file
or directory)
Oct  7 19:48:01 kamal-lappy gdm-simple-slave[3100]: WARNING: Could not
start command '/usr/bin/gnome-session
/': Failed to execute child process "/usr/bin/gnome-session" (No such
file or directory)"
I am primarily a KDE user, and I did check and gnome-session is not
there. Don't know why it is in this endless loop though as F9 was
working fine. Anyway, I logged into text mode, switched to runlevel 3,
and used startkde to start KDE and it worked fine

6- Once KDE is started, its fonts look extremely jaggy and bad!
Perhaps this is because I am now not on the closed nvidia driver!

7- Another major bumper, firefox does not start. Starting it from a
terminal, and I get this
[root at kamal-lappy ~]# firefox
Couldn't load XPCOM.
Nothing more!!

8-  Well, right now I am writing this in konqueror, the arrow keys are
not working as well ! Perhaps because of the way I started X

I upgraded to beta in order to test since the devs requested such
tests. I did not expect so many issues though! And I really wouldn't
mind quick fixes and work arounds to get myself back in shape :D
All the best of luck
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