young Fedora torrents spread data too slowly

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at
Sat Oct 11 20:31:19 UTC 2008

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008, Till Maas wrote:

> On Sat October 11 2008, Mike McGrath wrote:
> > I wouldn't say overloaded.  Throttled is the right word, and we do have it
> > throttled.  Although even throttled on one machine I was able to download
> > the latest live beta in roughly 10 minutes on my host, and
> > closer to 9 hours on my workstation at home.  Its always difficult to tell
> > where the slowness happens but I suspect in my slow case it was because my
> > ISP was limiting my traffic and was not.
> For me surely is the bottleneck, because it only
> seeds at around 0.2 KB/s and is the only seed at all. Something is strange,
> because given the time the torrent is already online, there should be several
> other seeds, but nearly all peers have the same percentage of the files, so
> they redistribute whatever they got, but nobody gets the missing chunks
> reasonable fast to redistribute them.

Thus the theory of torrent.  Things that are popular will download
quickly, things that aren't won't.  Seems to match well with community if
you ask me.

I just downloaded:

It took just over 6 minutes and my top speed was 2037.3 KB/s  I might
suggest that different places have different rules wrt torrent and qos,
firewalls and other setups can affect torrent preformance.


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