[Fwd: Wikipidia - Goodbye Red Hat and Fedora]

Emmanuel Seyman emmanuel.seyman at club-internet.fr
Sun Oct 12 14:21:55 UTC 2008

* Patrice Dumas [12/10/2008 14:43] :
> I really can't see how you can say that. Look at the setup of rpmfusion, 

Rpmfusion chose to duplicate the Fedora infrastructure (bugzilla, CVS+FAS,
mailman, the works). This is much more difficult and goes above and beyond
the requirements for a third party repo to get started.

> for example, it is clearly not something I can undertake myself.

Once again, if you do not have the manpower to setup an infrastructure,
you do not have the manpower to support @code + @base . This is why
you need to start by building a community.


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