reviving Fedora Legacy

Patrice Dumas pertusus at
Mon Oct 13 12:29:55 UTC 2008

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 01:18:01PM +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
> I understand that there is a market for a Fedora-based distribution
> which doesn't receive megabytes of updates each week, and which is
> supported for longer than a year.

What have been proposed so far doesn't solve the 'which doesn't receive
megabytes of updates each week' part, only the 'supported for longer
than a year' part.

> What I _don't_ understand is why these requirements are not met by
> CentOS. Isn't that _precisely_ the 'market' that RHEL and CentOS exist
> to serve?

Because it is not the same as you stress yourself. Centos is clearly not
the same than 'Fedora-based distribution which is supported for longer 
than a year'. It allows to use innovative technologies while not being
forced to update each year.

> As I see it, there is a continuum of sorts -- from the daily churn of
> rawhide, through the less anarchic but still considerable churn of the
> latest Fedora release (currently F9), to the more conservative set of
> updates for the previous release (F8), and then a bit of a jump to the
> long-term stagnation¹ of RHEL/CentOS. You can pick whichever one you
> like, according to your needs.

The last jump is not realistic in all cases. What should F6 user jump
to? Centos 5? Centos 6? And F8 users?

> There is _perhaps_ some reason to desire some kind of middle ground
> between CentOS and the outgoing Fedora release. But is there _such_ a
> wide gap between the two that it's worth creating a completely new
> distribution to fill it?

The proposal is not to create a new distribution, but simply haev EOLed
branches acl removed and leave th epossibility to build and push th
eresults, with a limitation of the changes to grave bug fixes and
security issues.

> It seems like you're trying to make a completely new bikeshed, because
> you think you want it a _slightly_ different hue to the existing one.

Who wants that?

(That being said, it is also possible that 'which doesn't receive 
megabytes of updates each week' issue may deserve to be looked at, but
it is a different issue).

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