libgdl soname breakage?

Alex Lancaster alexl at
Sat Oct 25 23:11:15 UTC 2008

>>>>> "MB" == Mat Booth  writes:


>> Removing seems to be a rather drastic step,
>> especially if these apps need it and it isn't provided by any other
>> package.  Is this just a packaging error?  I note that Debarshi Ray
>> who rebuilt libgdl is also the maintainer of 2 of the 3 broken
>> packages: anjuta and gnome-build, so I assume that he'll hopefully
>> have plan to fix this breakage. ;)
>> Otherwise this change should probably be reverted.
>> Again, please announce any ABI changes on f-d-l in advance.

>> Alex

MB> Yeah, Debarshi says he'll take care of Anjuta and gnome-build.


I read f-d-l via gmane and somehow the feed was lagging so I didn't
see this message from Debarshi.  Apologies.

Nevetheless it appears that more than gnome-build and anjuta are
affected, so is gnome-python2.


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