Submitting new packages to F-10

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Thu Oct 30 20:01:10 UTC 2008

Itamar - IspBrasil <itamar <at>> writes:
> Domsch, thanks for fast answer, ticket open.
> also I have received another answer from my sponsor Mamoru Tasaka
> "Currently bodhi does not accept F-10 updates request yet. I guess there 
> will be an announce when bodhi starts to accept F-10 updates request. So 
> please wait for now. For now you can submit push requests for F-9 
> packages. "

Well, in principle, getting the new packages tagged into f10-final should not 
hurt (assuming they don't have Obsoletes: tags for anything else), so you 
should be able to get rel-eng to do it through the rel-eng requests.

But indeed, if you just wait a few days, you'll be able to submit them as 
updates through Bodhi.

        Kevin Kofler

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