Strange ext3 problem

Joshua C. joshuacov at
Fri Oct 31 22:25:51 UTC 2008

I put this for discussion here and got no
helpful comments, so i put it here on the devel list.

Short description:

When copying and moving files bigger than ~ 100 mb I get different
sha1 sums between the copy and the original file. Once I issued the
sha1 sommand 2 consequitive times on one and the same file and got 2
(!!!) different results. This is impossible!

I tested the hdd with smartmontools (short and long tests) and got no
errors of any kind. then used fsck and e2fsck on the partition and
they corrected something. I thought the problem was gone but here it
happens again.

Maybe I should file a bug report. but against what? ext3? Any ideas
what this can be?


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