Need advice pertaining to GSoC proposal

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Tue Apr 7 00:44:11 UTC 2009

Debayan Banerjee wrote:
> I understood this till now:
> 1) 1 click install is BAD if it starts adding repositories (especially
> 3rd party)


> 2) A normal Fedora user adds 3rd party repositories all the time to
> install normal stuff like media codecs etc

At least partially true.

> 3) Fedora developers want to shield users from adding 3rd party
> repositories. Users already do that all the time. But Fedora
> developers dont want to make it any easier for them, else they may
> open "gates to hell".

This is where your argument breaks down.  There are third party
repositories that work well with Fedora and third party repositories
that don't work well with Fedora.  Of the ones that work well, some are
illegal for us to point people at.  Of the ones that are left, we don't
control any of them so there's no guarantee that even if they work well
with Fedora today, have good security, etc, they'll be the same
tomorrow.  Fedora doesn't review the practices of third party
repositories and doing so could be seen as micromanaging.

So I think the majority of opinions here is that such a service would
not be a big help to Fedora users.  And it could be a big headache.
This might be a service that could be done outside of Fedora... but I
think a discussion of that would be a bit offtopic.


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