Booting F9 kernels on XO...

Daniel Drake dsd at
Wed Apr 15 16:14:20 UTC 2009

2009/4/15 Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at>:
>  - dsd has a nice "fixup F9 for XO" script described here
> The script builds a custom 2.6.25 which I think pulls in a few
> additional patches (sound, etc), but most importantly, it builds the
> mmc related drivers statically. It also sets up an initrd.
> If we try to boot with the initd, it fails. But if we skip the initrd,
> the system boots.

What's the problem?
My custom initramfs definitely boots on my XO.
Also the stock F9 one did too, but it landed a lot of errors during
boot (which took several seconds to enumerate).

>  - Build a kernel exactly like Fedora 9 kernels, but with the mmc
> drivers built statically. This is what I am am doing right now,
> following the nice guide at

And boot without an initramfs?
When I did this IIRC boot would fail approximately 1 in 5 attempts
with sdhci errors. Never got a chance to figure out why, but putting
in the initramfs hid the problem nicely.


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