PackageKit and Presto

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Tue Apr 21 03:31:15 UTC 2009

On Mon, 20 Apr 2009 11:52:21 +0100
Richard Hughes <hughsient at> wrote:

> On Sun, 2009-04-19 at 10:26 +0200, Martin Sourada wrote:
> > So I though I'd ask. Is anyone working on this? Should I expect it
> > to be working at F11 GA?
> I've pushed a fix and asked for the build to be tagged here:
> I'm also quite surprised we turned this on by default post-devel
> freeze.

It's not on by default, nor will it be for F-11... it will only be
enabled for folks that go and install 'yum-presto'. 

If everything looks great, we can enable it by default in F12. ;) 

> Richard.


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