Fedora 11 nerfed my mixer

TK009 john.brown009 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 15:18:34 UTC 2009

This has been a very funny thread. Thank you to whoever started it, I needed
a laugh.

Lennart, your baby is ugly, your baby has always been ugly, its not likely
to get any better looking for a long time if ever. I like how you advise
people what they should and should not be doing with their hardware, clearly
only you what is best for us. I also like "just wait in F12 it will be
better guys I promise!" You are a funny guy, you should take that show on
the road.

I noticed FESco will be discussing just how well you know best later today.

How long do we remain your alpha testers until you get PA in a state worthy
of shipping with fedora? Let me guess F12 right? lol, you kill me.

We'd of all been better off if PA had never been created, our only hope now
is that it dies the quick death. To much to hope for I know but everyone has
to have a dream. For now we can just remove it and drive on.

@ all those saying file bug reports, I say why file reports against
something not worth the time or effort? Don't install it to begin with and
you'll be better off.

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