The Great Pulseaudio Mixer Debate: a modest (productive) proposal

Bill Crawford billcrawford1970 at
Sat Apr 25 16:14:07 UTC 2009

On Saturday 25 April 2009 03:39:43 Rémy Maucherat wrote:

> Reading the IRC log, the Fesco members technical arguments sound
> limited, and do focus on legacy use cases. That's really 10 years old
> stuff (CD line in - PC speaker was mentioned too - unused for me in
> that timeframe ...), so if this does not represent less than 5% of
> users, I wonder what will.

This is one of the most annoying attitudes throughout this debate. I still use a 
CD line-in on my soundcard. It might be "10 years old" stuff ... my sound card 
is 7 years old. But it *still works* ... why should I not use it?

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