dhclient and dhcp update require restart?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Aug 27 20:54:18 UTC 2009

Dariusz J. Garbowski wrote:
> Hi, something that bothers me a bit... More and more system restart 
> requests with each update (even if one doesn't use the package at the 
> time).

This is a real shame. One of the selling points of Linux is that you 
*don't* need to reboot for every little upgrade (unlike a certain other 
OS I shan't name).

> Is this necessary for dhclient and dhcp update packages to require restart?
> Wouldn't "service network restart" and "service dhcpd restart" in the 
> install/upgrade
> scripts do the trick (after checking that the service is actually running)?
> Ssh used to do that since, well, as far as I remember.

Yes, please. Though maybe with prompting; we shouldn't go restarting 
possibly-critical services without good warning.

As David said, for dhcpd, 'service restart dhcpd' should be fine. For 
dhclient I would question why /any/ restart is needed. If your dhcp 
connection is currently established, is dhclient even running? And even 
if it is, what benefit do you get cycling the interface /now/, if the 
new dhclient takes over whenever the interface cycles anyway?

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