Correction: #! /usr/bin/perl NOT preferred

Stepan Kasal skasal at
Mon Aug 31 14:27:55 UTC 2009

Hello all.

In short:  "#!/usr/bin/env perl" is OK in Fedora.

In my previous mail, I asked you to delete the (/usr)?/bin/env calls
from #! lines of Fedora scripts.

I would like to withdraw that request.

A discussion followed that post on fedora-perl-devel-list, which
actually proved that "/usr/bin/env perl" is the preferred
alternative, not the deprecated one.

But the most important bit of information has been pointed out by
Ralf Corsepius:
Fedora Packaging Committee considered a proposal to forbid
/usr/bin/env on 2009-08-19, but it did not agreed upon it.

(For details, see

Both alternatives are OK, follow your own preferrence.

Have a nice day,

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