Fedora 11: What do we expect?

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Sun Feb 1 14:13:14 UTC 2009


Just a few notes:

On 01.02.2009 14:44, Ashiqur Rahman Angel wrote:

> 1. Need to include RPM Fusion with Fedora 11 default installation (but 
> not activated, like Fedora test repo or raw hide, as we don´t include 
> proprietary software). 

That afaics for sure won't happen due to legal concerns.

> If this is not possible (may be because of some 
> legal issue), then I´ll say, we need a working GUI solution to install 
> RPM Fusion. According to RPM Fusion <http://rpmfusion.org/Configuration> 
> they explained a GUI solution to install the repo, but most of the time, 
> it doesnt work at all (I myself, tested thousands time, also so many 
> people there has, who tried, I searched for the solution, everyone give 
> me CLI solution). 

Well, then really should have talked to the guys from RPM Fusion 
immediately to make sure they are aware of it. Only then it can be 
fixed/the docs be improved.

> And KPackage Kit can´t install it. So we need a 
> solution that will work for GNOME and KDE both.

/me wonders if that bug was fixed
/me wonders if anybody reported that bug at all in b.r.c
/me puts "talk to rdieter about it" on his todo list

> 2. Need a GUI solution to install nVidia and ATI driver, that will 
> automatically install the appropriate driver (Ubuntu has a GUI /Hardware 
> Drivers /options that automatically download and install the driver, 
> also they have Envy, its another GUI solution)

That's was discussed recently on the rpmfusion mailing list; you'll find 
some more details in this (quite long) thread:

Feel free to join the discussion.

> 3. Need a GUI solution to install all kind of proprietary Multimedia 
> codecs (Ubuntu has ubuntu-restricted-extras, they simply select it from 
> package manager, and it installs all kind of codecs including JAVA) 

In the thread mentioned above there are also other ideas discussed that 
should make enabling and using RPM Fusion easier.

But that will be a whole lot of work and RPM Fusion has only a very 
small contributor base when compared to Fedora (and most of the  RPM 
Fusion guys are very active Fedora contributors as well). So it'll 
likely take a while until some of the ideas that are discussed get 

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